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Project Description

A set of enhancement libraries for .NET developers. Provides tools, controls, helper classes & extensions to get the job done. Currently, this kit will focus on extending WPF Toolkit / .NET 3.5 / .NET 4 / WP7 / Silverlight 3 / Silverlight 4 / XNA 4.

Feature requests and feedback

We would like to start getting feedback and feature-requests as soon as possible. Please fill out requests here. The team will tally them up and implement based on demand.

Project structure

We have created a projected structure that helps us support a variety of platforms (see below). Here is a simple diagram to explain the concept used behind the structure:


Supported Platforms

We are ambitious, starting the project with support for the following:

OS Platform Version Priority
Windows * Silverlight 3 Medium
OS X Silverlight 3 Medium
*NIX (Mono) Moonlight 2 Low
Windows * Silverlight 4 High
OS X Silverlight 4 High
*NIX (Mono) Moonlight 3 NA 
Windows Phone 7 (WP7) Silverlight for Windows Phone 1 High
Windows * WPF 3.5 Medium
Windows * WPF 3.5 /w ToolKit High
Windows * WPF 4.0 High
Windows * .NET 3.5 High
Windows * .NET 4.0 High
*NIX Mono.NET 2.8 Low
Windows Phone 7 (WP7) XNA for Windows Phone 4 Medium
Windows * XNA 4 Medium
Xbox 360 XNA 4 Low

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